Technology modernization

We are fast. Don’t wait months, we help you deploy within a few weeks. We have the necessary knowledge and technical skills.

Data infrastructures

We are specialists in working with big data and developing applications powered by data analysis or machine learning. We combine our fast delivery with solid governance and security practices. Not sure what we are talking about? Take a look at how we helped Slovak Telekom with building their big data infrastructure.


Who do we work with

We work with many technology companies and with technologies like Cloudera we are a certified partner. We’ve gone through hundreds of hours of learning and thousands of hours of practice. We are eager to share our knowledge with you, like we did with Vodafone.

Loga partnerů Gauss Algorithmic

The impact of modern data analysis

The technologies above are only a taste of those we work with. Technology alone is not enough. It’s how you put it to work and how it solves problems that matters the most. Read more about our approach or a case study with Slovak Tatra banka that helped generate reports faster and increased productivity.


Where we can help

Data analytics
Big data infrastructures
Data protection and information security
Machine learning and automation
Data integration
Data monetization
Data cleaning