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Open Positions

Job Position: Social Media Executive/ Digital Lead Generation Executive / Online Business Development

Salary: 2.4 – 3 Lacs Per Annum for Job Offer

Stipend: 8,000 per Month for Internship

Working Hours: 10 AM – 7PM (Indian Shift); 1 PM-10 PM (UK Shift)

Job Requirements:
Handling Company’s Social Media Accounts
Generating Sales through online Sales Channels
Communicating through both voice (Phone Calls) and non-voice support (Email, Live Chat on Website,
Facebook Messages, WhatsApp chats)

Skills Required:
Excellent Communication Skills
Knowledge of Social Media Channels
Bachelors of Masters Degree in Management, Science, Technology or Commerce
Any prior experience will be a plus
Ability to handle pressure and work on tight deadlines.
Excellent multitasking skills.

5 weeks of vacation

We’ve added one extra week.

Sick days

For exceptional cases of sudden indisposition.


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